Wednesday, November 12, 2008


So, If you like Sara Bareilles or if you just like me, this Saturday would be a good opportunity to come hear some music live at the coffee shop Downtown Riverside Back To The Grind. There will be a lot of different artists performing. I will be singing backup with Fat Axle then will be doing my own set (mostly Sara Bareilles songs, but I won't ruin it for you), after 10pm. So, come show some support. This is for the people.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I had the honor of seeing Sara Bareilles in concert this past weekend with some great friends of ours the Kowalski's. It was the perfect night out. We first enjoyed some Korean BBQ in Hollywood then flew to the Wiltern theater in LA...I could hear her voice from the outside hallway, but it was when I opened the doors to the theater...I saw her straight ahead. It was her and me. I now know what football fanatics deal with when they have no control and just have to shout and cheer. I sang along with her for over an hour, live. It was her last night in CA, she was leaving to go on tour for awhile. I am so thankful to have been inspired by such a musician. I AM HER BIGGEST FAN.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


My friend. A photographer. Burg took some pics of us last week. Here's one of my faves.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


wonder if anyone still visits...i wouldn't blame them if not...i have been pretty boring on this page. but a lot has gone on outside of the computer for me. and his name is Mouse. :)


Friday, December 29, 2006

I keep saying...I need to blog, don't forget to blog...So, here it is. Well, I have taken the time to figure out how to change my profile pic. Yes, much more current, can't really keep up with the hair changes every 3 months, but this one may be so like this for awhile. Not a bad thing, I happen to like the blue-black. I turned 26 on December 22, yeah! Celebrated with a small group of friends. Had dinner at BJ's, yum, freakin' Santa Fe Spring Rolls and a pzookie...that's all I needed to complete my birthday wishes, haha. I'm not kidding though. :) So I will enlighten you with some pics, as always. I think it makes a post more interesting. And of course, I am a camera fanatic (I was going to name this differently but didn't seem blog appropriate.).

Christmas was excellent! I was so happy to spend Christmas Eve with my church family, thank you all my friends and those I don't know at Sandals!!! I love you so much! My kids got toooo many new toys, though I knew that was going to happen. I was prepared, I didn't buy them any toys from me, knowing that they would receive more than plenty. Though the hurdle was the guilt of being the mother and wanting to be the one to make the kids' faces light up. But, I do feel I did what was best. I bought them the things they needed and everyone else overly spoiled them. They are still so young they don't even know the difference. My favorite gift this year was from my mom. I got a new set of sterling silver pots and!!! Serious, they're HOT. Yes, pots and pans. Ok, you just don't get it, but it's cool. So, what was your fav. gift?

Thursday, December 07, 2006

It's one of those happy sorrow things.

I love this time of year; it's the holiday season. Spirits are up, trees are decorated, lights are in action, hot chocolate, eggnog, family, friends. It's the perfect time to celebrate Jesus' birth. It seems like suddenly millions of people come out of their holes and present themselves at the mall, driving on the freeway, grocery shopping, and outside decorating their homes.
So, WHY, WHY, do i at the same time feel so down? Ugh. It's like going to Disneyland and crying at the happiest place on earth. I just don't get it. It sucks, yeah, to worry about who you got to buy for and how you are going to afford it. And who's family to visit first and whatnot. But, blah, i am feeling bummed this year. It's just me and the boys and i won't even have them on Christmas Eve it looks like. This will be my second Christmas with just me and the boys. Though last year at least I was living with my mom and stepdad. I just like having people around me. It's how I was designed, people lift my spirits, they give me reason to joke and have a good time. My kids do make me smile, they keep me smiling that's for sure! I thank God for my boys every day. I already thank God for my future husband, but I long for the day that he is actually here with me. I wonder what i will be blogging about next year this same time. Anyways, happy holidays!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Bling Fest 2007

I don't understand. How could it already have been 10 days since my last blog?! Agh. Time flies. Today my friend Burg and I went out to a skateboard competition event with Brian from X 103.9. We were out there passing out fliers for the 777 concert going on tomorrow night at Cal Baptist University. Shockingly, almost everyone welcomed us. It was my first time doing something like this before. But to my surprise, the people actually welcomed us to talk with them. See, we didn't just want to give them a piece of paper but to actually talk with them and explain who we are and what we are about. And the response was amazing. One guy was just like, "Wow. A rap band at church?". He thought it was a cool thing. It was cool to go to the people that this music event we are putting on would relate to the best. See, this 777 group doesn't limit God!!! We are helping the Lord reach the current generation with our eyes open and our hearts willing. I will be so excited if I see just one person I spoke with today, there at the 777 event! Some pics of me and Burg. Even got one with the Bishop and all his Bling Bling!